Pediatrician´s office

As a professional physician, I am committed to providing personalized medical care to your child. As my private patient, your child can be assured that I will personally attend to your child's needs during every appointment in my office.
My fees can be conveniently settled using either cash or card, which can be submitted to your health insurance provider for reimbursement of approximately 80% of the standard insurance rate. For further information on your insurance coverage, please consult your insurance provider. Supplementary insurance may also cover the remaining balance of my fees.
It would be my pleasure to deliver comprehensive care to your child and I look forward to assisting you soon.

Fees from 01/2024

  • First-time consultation € 180.-
  • Further consultation € 150.-
  • Acute consultation € 120.-

    Short appointment only for clarification of acute infections

  • Weekend surcharge € 20.-

    For First-time consultation only

  • Weekend surcharge € 50.-

    For all other consultations

Medical services

For details please click on the individual service. If you would like to schedule a service for your child who is not yet a registered patient in my office, the appointment is considered a first-time consultation.

When your child comes to me for the first time, I take enough time to have a detailed conversation with you and then examine your child to clarify the disease and treatment.

Your child will also be registered as a regular patient in my clinic database and the next important check-up/vaccination appointments will be planned together with you if necessary.

From the birth of your child to age 5, there are 9 important medical examinations. At each of these appointments, I will:

Determine body weight and length, developmental status
Collect observations from the parents/one parent and a history of illnesses
Perform medical examination of your child
Assess the need for further examinations and vaccinations

These informations are needed for early detection of illnesses and to check the child’s developmental status, thus ensuring preventive health care for your child.

Contact me before or shortly after the birth of your child so that I can schedule the necessary appointments with you.

The determination of inflammation values by finger prick, various seasonal throat swabs, e.g. RSV, influenza, as well as urine analysis by means of a urine strip are possible directly in the practice.

Results are available within minutes and may be important in deciding whether antibiotics are necessary.
All other tests are referred to a nearby laboratory.

Vaccination of the vaccines from the Vienna Vaccination Concept and all other vaccinations recommended in the Austrian Vaccination Plan is possible in my office with appropriate consultation and information.

The vaccination appointment includes the clinical examination of your child for current absence of infections, as well as the respective vaccination (if desired with a „magic patch“ to reduce pain).

Please bring the vaccination booklet and the signed information sheet, which I will send to you in advance, to the vaccination appointment.

If your child is acutely ill, do not hesitate to contact me at any time during office phone hours and I will facilitate a quick acute appointment.

You can find the office phone hours on the contact page.

If your child is not yet a regular patient, I will schedule the appointment as a first-time appointment with sufficient time.

The follow-up appointments for preterm babies in my pediatric office are specifically aligned with the needs of your preterm baby and go beyond the „general pediatrician appointment“.

In order to recognize and address problems in a prompt manner, the appointments are based on the follow-up appointments that very small premature babies receive in the hospital.

I pay special attention to the development, so that if necessary, support with e.g. physiotherapy, speech therapy, early intervention can be initiated at an early stage.


If your child is scheduled for surgery, clearance by the pediatrician is often required.

Your child will receive a detailed clinical examination to make sure there is no infection. You will receive a written report with a clinical clearance for surgery immediately after the exam.

Preoperative blood samples are taken in the laboratory.

Annual screenings are recommended starting at age 6 to detect any health problems early.

In case of acute need I am also available for you on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
If I do not pick up or get back to you quickly, then this day is already occupied for work or family reasons and unfortunately an appointment is not possible.
In this case, please visit a pediatric outpatient clinic:

St. Anna Children’s Hospital
1090 Vienna, Kinderspitalgasse 6

University Hospital AKH Vienna
University Hospital for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
1090 Vienna, Währinger Gürtel 18-20

Ottakring Clinic
Emergency outpatient clinic of the pediatric department
1160 Vienna, Flötzersteig 4

Clinic Donaustadt
24-hour outpatient clinic for children
1220 Vienna, Langobardenstraße 122

Clinic Favoriten
Kundratstrasse 3
1100 Vienna

Floridsdorf Clinic

Brünner Straße 68
1210 Vienna

Clinic Landstraße

1030 Vienna, Juchgasse 25

If your child has a toothache, please call 512 20 78 for information about dentists on duty on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

Vienna Ambulance Tel. 144